The rumour mill is spinning wildly in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as comic-book legend Stan Lee has once again confirmed that Marvel is working on a Black Panther movie!

Yes, you heard right.

Marvel Black Panther


The comic-book legend Stan Lee confirmed that a “Black Panther” solo movie is in the works while addressing the issues regarding a “Black Widow” solo movie at the Fan Expo Canada last week. According to Comic Book Resources, he said:

The chances are she (referring to Black Widow) will have her own movie because eventually all the superheroes are going to have their own movies. They are already working on Ant-Man, Doctor Strange and the Black Panther, and there are others I am not allowed to talk about.

Well, you should already know that Marvel is already working on Ant-Man since they released a first look at Paul Rudd as Scott Lang, the second man to take up the mantle of Ant-Man. It was also recently confirmed that Sinister director Scott Derrickson and Prometheus writer Jon Spaihts will be working on “Doctor Strange” together at Marvel Studios.

But what about “Black Panther”?

Black Panther

Speculations about the Black Panther solo film began after Marvel Studios announced the release dates for a couple of new untitled movies through 2019. While Marvel president Kevin Feige has stayed mum on their plan for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he confirmed that the film is “absolutely in development” during an interview with BlackTree TV. He said:

When you have something as rich as Wakanda and [Black Panther’s] backstory – and clearly, Vibranium’s been introduced in the universe already – I don’t know when it will be exactly but certainly we have plans to bring him to life someday.”

In case you were wondering, Vibranium was previously introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, in which Howard Stark (Tony Stark’s father) introduces the discus-shaped shield that was made out of Vibranium to Steve Rogers aka Captain America.

Captain America shield Vibranium
Image via Marvel Movies Wiki

Stark mentioned in the film that the the metal is “the rarest metal on Earth”. By rare, it means that Vibranium can only be found in the African land of Wakanda, where Black Panther resides.

However, more speculations came in after Captain America’s broken shield was shown at “Avengers: Age of Ultron” panel at SDCC 2014. Yes, the shield which is made out of the most powerful metal was broken. How is it possible, right? We can only assume that Marvel Studios is hinting that someone (and we shall not be specific on which one) will be looking for Vibranium from Black Panther’s Kingdom of Wakanda in the upcoming Avengers film.

What do you think of the speculations revolving around Black Panther? Do you think Marvel will feature his cameo appearance in “Avengers: Age of Ultron”?

(Source: Comic Book Resources, Featured image via Marvel)

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