In 2009, Brittany Murphy collapsed in her bathroom. Following “a medical request” distress call, firefighters and medics rushed to the scene, where they tried to resuscitate her. The “Clueless” star was transported to the hospital where she later died from a cardiac arrest. Ever since then, there has been many theories about Brittany’s true cause of death – ranging from pneumonia to multiple drug abuse, and even murder.

Brittany Murphy was only 32 years old. Her husband, Simon Monjack, died 5 months later.

Simon Monjack Brittany Murphy


Her life, which ended under such strange circumstances, is now being turned into a biopic. Lifetime, a TV network famed for making controversial biopics, recently released the first trailer for the upcoming Brittany Murphy biopic titled, “The Brittany Murphy Story”. The movie will explore the Atlanta native’s move to Los Angeles as a teenager and her career’s fast climb with her mother, Sharon Murphy, by her side. It would also depict her success in the movies “Clueless”, “Just Married”, “Little Black Book”, “Girl, Interrupted”, and “8 Mile”.

And that’s not all. “The Brittany Murphy Story” will highlight her little-known struggles with confidence and issues about her looks despite being a star. Even while she was alive, she battled against reports that she had used illegal drugs to overcome her paranoia.

Brittany Murphy Mom

On top of that, based on what can be seen from the trailer, the biopic will explore her estranged father’s attempts to reopen her case, claiming forensic evidence proved she was being poisoned. Yes, this means that “The Brittany Murphy Story” has been positioned as a murder mystery, and suddenly her mother will be thrust back in the spotlight.

Watch the trailer here:

Was Brittany Murphy murdered or was it a case of accidental death due to heavy consumption of drugs?

Find out when the biopic is released on 6th September.


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