Were you one of the many people around the globe to panic upon hearing that the world’s most iconic cat, Hello Kitty, was in fact not a “cat” per se all along? Did it make you start Googling all your favourite cartoon characters to verify their origins? It did for us.

Because let’s face it, it came as a shock to even non Hello Kitty fans, especially if you consider the fact that she’s going into her 40th anniversary this year.

Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary


Luckily, we can rest our worries about one other world famous cartoon animal, Snoopy. Yes, he’s known as the world’s oldest living beagle and he is indeed a dog. And he is exactly who or what you think he is.

Peanuts Worldwide confirmed it today amidst all the Hello Kitty drama via their official Twitter account:

Snoopy Is A Dog
Source: twitter.com/Snoopy

Meanwhile, Hello Kitty is a cat, sorta. Here’s why we think so.

And she’s definitely not human!

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