Uh oh, something tells us that the Google Play Store could’ve effectively lost some Malaysian fans.

As you all know, Malaysia will be celebrating its annual Merdeka Day on 31st August, commemorating the independence of the Federation of Malaya from British colonial rule in 1957. While we’re all aware of the occasion and the fact that Malaysia is celebrating its 57th year of independence this year, Google Play didn’t share the sentiment. They put up a “Top 20 Malaysia’s Favourite Games” promotion last night which, for some reason, indicated that Malaysia is turning 69 years old:

Google Play Store Merdeka



We’re not sure how the blunder came to be, even, because even if it was a case if mistaken identity (read: Malaysia Day, 16th September 1963), it still wouldn’t make Malaysia 69 years old this year? Of course, the error has since been taken down and corrected but netizens and Google Play Store users have already gone on a screen grab/screenshot frenzy.

Meanwhile, check out some of the games that were featured in celebration of Malaysia’s 69th birthday 57th birthday Independence Day! We’re guessing these are the ones with the highest ratings or downloads by Malaysians. Alright, which one of you guys are guilty of spending way too much time on any one of these?:

Google Play Store Top 20 Malaysia's Favourite Games


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