We hear you, Jake Gyllenhaal. You have to make the money to buy a ticket!

Best known for his role as the troubled teenager Donnie in the mind-bending film “Donnie Darko”, Gyllenhaal is once again playing a darker role in this upcoming American crime-thriller film “Nightcrawler”.

Sorry, Marvel fans. Don’t expect this film to be an “X-Men” spin-off film because it is not related to the Marvel Universe at all. In fact, this film is more about Jake Gyllenhaal being a freelance crime reporter who became little too desperate to report Los Angeles crimes at night, so much so that Gyllenhaal had to lose 20 pounds to portray his psychotic role.


Jake Gyllenhaal Nightcrawler

The film will be screened during the Special Presentations section of the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and the release date has been pushed back to 31st October, just in time for Halloween. The film will go up against another horror animated film, “Book of Life” in October as well.

Dan Gilroy will make his directorial debut with this film, which is produced by Jennifer Fox, Tony Gilroy, Michel Litvak, Gyllenhaal, and David Lancaste. Gary Michael Walters and Betsy Danbury are executive producing the film while Bill Paxton, Rene Russo, and Riz Ahmed are some of the confirmed cast members.

So, why do you think Jake Gyllenhaal needs to make the money to buy a ticket? Just watch the trailer below:


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