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The singer-turned-actor Yoochun of K-Pop idol boy group JYJ had an interview with the Korean media outlet Edaily on 13th August shortly before the release of his new film “Sea Fog” released the same day. In the interview, he was asked how he felt about his former band TVXQ! and its members. To which he cautiously replied:

As time goes by, I questioned myself … What was all that for? Each of us made own choices for our lives. I no longer hate them. I hope we all could be happy. I hope the five of us can do well in our position. I don’t know when, but it would be cool if all of us could come together to drink soju.


His remarks come as a surprise given the emotional conflicts between JYJ and TVXQ! has shown in public.

The 28-year-old star debuted as a member of K-pop idol group TVXQ! in 2004, and left the team in 2009 for JYJ with two fellow members – Junsu and Jaejoong. The trio filed a lawsuit against their then-label SM Entertainment for what they claimed was an unfair contract. TVXQ! now consists of Yunho and Changmin, who decided to stay in the group.

Blast from the past: TVXQ! way back when (Source: SM Entertainment)
Blast from the past: TVXQ! way back when (Source: SM Entertainment)

Yoochun said that he has been “happy” about his career since he departed from TVXQ!. The trio have continued their activities as singers with 2 studio albums dropped so far and they’ve broadened their presence as actors in dramas and musicals. Yoochun also said that he looks forward to seeing Yunho’s acting in the drama “The Night Watchman,” which is broadcast every Monday and Tuesday on MBC.

His group JYJ released its second studio album “Just Us” on 29th July, and is now on its Asia concert tour “The Return of The King”. The trio will head to China, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Thailand to continue the tour.

Source: jyj3.net
Source: jyj3.net

Wait, wait, what? Malaysia too?

We’ll update you guys as soon as we get further confirmation on that!


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