Yes, Pete Wentz is still very much alive guys.

Photo via
Photo via

Celebrity viral death hoaxes are nothing new and Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz is the latest death hoax victim. Unfortunately for him though, this particular death hoax identified him as “James Crowlett” a 34-year old insurance salesman from Oregon, in a fake news story — “Man Takes Selfie Moments Before Deadly Shark Attack.” The article was accompanied with Wentz’s real underwater selfie photoshopped on top a scary shark picture — an image that was circulating around Tumblr last year.

The Fall Out Boy bass player however, being the good sport that he is, tweeted about the hilarious hoax.


But despite it being a crude Photoshop of a fairly famous human, the “shark attack selfie” became a viral hit.


Remember not to believe everything you read guys. 😉


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