Not too long ago, a relatively new mall known as Nu Sentral Mall opened up in the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur. Located near the most connected transit point in KL, Nu Sentral Mall is potentially the hottest place to shop for people from all over the world.

Thus, it came as no surprise to us that the prestigious chocolatier Godiva has decided to launch their 5th store in Nu Sentral Mall!

GODIVA Nu Sentral (2)


In partnership with Valiram Group, GODIVA fulfills their promise to bring the ultimate luxurious chocolate experience for all chocolate lovers in the world with the new GODIVA Chocolatier shop in the mall. The shop is a stylish addition to the 9-storey shopping mall as it stands beautifully amidst other luxurious brands such as Victoria’s Secret, Burton, Sephora, Dorothy Perkins and so on.

Plus, the 1090sq ft store with a comfortable 15-seater is strategically located near one of the entrances at the concourse level of the mall, which makes it perfect for patrons to relax and indulge in the moment of bliss with the world’s finest chocolate from Belgium.


The official launch of the new store was held on August 14th and it was officiated by Mr Joerg Hontheim, General Manager F&B and Mr Julian Levy, Chief Operating Officer of Valiram Group.

Together with GODIVA Chef Chocolatier Pacific RimChef Philippe Daue, the official launch was also officiated by the Belgium Ambassador, HE Marc Muille, the Managing Director of GODIVA Pacific Rim & China, Mr John Holmberg, Sales Operations Director of GODIVA Pacific Rim, Mr Chris Choi and GODIVA Marketing & Merchandising Director, Pacific Rim & China, Ms Carmen Chiu.

GODIVA Nu Sentral (5)

During the ribbon cutting ceremony, Mr Ashvin Valiram, Valiram’s Group Executive Director said:

The opening of the new GODIVA store in Nu Sentral shows the promising demand for luxury chocolate in the country. We are confident that the brand will continue to flourish and fulfill the penchant for all chocolate lovers in Malaysia.


With that being said, Mr John Holmberg, Managing Director of GODIVA Pacific Rim & China also stated, “This new store, in the thriving heart of Kuala Lumpur, is not only a major step of GODIVA’s developing strategy in Malaysia, but more importantly, it is also a significant step in GODIVA’s quest of sharing the Belgian chocolate culture across Pacific Rim Region.”

It is a known fact that GODIVA strives to capture the heart of the chocolate lovers with its delightful selection of gourmet GODIVA chocolate which is available in variety of flavours. GODIVA has constantly adding new elements into its chocolate products from cookies to chocolate bar to their iconic Chocolixir. The intense chocolate aroma and sweet flavour of GODIVA chocolate offers an unforgettable experience for people who indulged in the chocolate.

The unforgettable experience brings us to the inspiration behind the Lady GODIVA’s chocolate sculpture made by Mr Philippe Daue, who conducted the chocolate school session earlier on 13th August. The presentation of the sculpture at the launch of the store, saw the chef explaining to the guests on the inspiration behind the sculpture and the legend of Lady GODIVA.

Special thanks to the Valiram group for inviting us to the grand launch of GODIVA’s new store in KL!

Without further ado, let us provide you the first look at the GODIVA Chocolatier shop in Nu Sentral Mall:

If you’ve had a long day, don’t forget to take a moment to relax and enjoy the top quality chocolate in the shop as well!

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