Photo via Zouk Club KL
Photo via Zouk Club KL

Known for his various styles of sound and his ability to breakthrough genres with his own original and creative style, the man who said “this whole genres business is like the Berlin wall, and I’m here with a forklift and a wrecking ball,” Mat Zo showed clubbers what he is made of at Zouk Club Kuala Lumpur on August 8th, 2014 (Friday).

Brought to clubbers by Zouk KL’s Fired Up Fridays, Mat Zo took to the decks of Mainroom, Zouk Club Kuala Lumpur at around 1.00am and went on to play till about 3.30am. Staying true to his own personal sound, Mat Zo took the crowd on a fun, roller coaster musical ride. From drum and bass to big room sounds to some of the most loved EDM tracks, Zouk Club KL’s Mainroom pretty much transformed into dance music heaven where partygoers spent the night dancing their butts off.

Photo via Zouk Club KL

Of course, as per usual, our friends from Zouk Club KL hooked us up with a quick chat Mat Zo before his set. Such a cutie, here’s what the 24-year-old DJ had to say:


So, you’ve been to Kuala Lumpur before. Are you happy to be back and are you excited to play tonight?

I have, and yes I am. Good to be back and yes, excited to see what happens tonight.

Your album Damage Control featured a wide range of style. Did you plan to make it so varied or was it just the product of experimenting?

Well, I wanted there to be a variety of sounds and I sort of had an idea of how I wanted the overall album to feel and sound like but I didn’t plan for exactly how and what it was going to sound like.

You took a while before releasing Damage Control, and you decided to go with Anjunabeats. Why?

Well Anjunabeats has been my home label since 2008 and I felt like they’re the best people to release my album because they know me so well. Obviously they partnered with Astralwerks to release the album in the United States and I think that was a really good partnership.

What about your tour, where are you heading after this?

After this I’m off to Jakarta then Europe and after that I’ve got a couple of festivals in Belgium, Germany and a couple of club nights in Ibiza.

Photo via Zouk Club KL
Photo via Zouk Club KL

Over the recent years, the EDM scene has blossomed worldwide. How do you think it has exploded over here in Asia?

Hmmm…it’s grown a lot. Personally, I think it fluctuates because it grows in one part of the world then it slows down and then it grows again in another part of the world. There’s aways this trade between all the different parts in the world.

And when you’re playing for different crowds, do you cater to the crowd of play whatever you want?

If you have to cater to the crowd a little, otherwise they’ll leave. Hahaha. But I try and stay true to music that I like and I don’t go too far of the edge.

Haha fair enough. What kind of music do you listen to when you’re not working?

I listen to a lot of hip hop and drum & bass.

Which country do you think is more accepting of your music, production wise – UK or US?

I think they both accept my style just as much, to listen to that is. Not so much during live sets. Sometimes, when I play the stuff on my album at live sets, it doesn’t really work. Haha. Some of it works and some of it doesn’t.

Photo via Zouk Club KL
Photo via Zouk Club KL

It doesn’t?! So you play different stuff live?

Haha yeah. I try and play the stuff that work during live sets and the stuff that doesn’t, I leave out.

We spoke to a few of our close friends who happen to be some of your biggest followers and when we asked them to describe your sound but they couldn’t. So how would you describe your sound?

Erm…hahaha! It changes all the time, really. One day I’ll be making drum & bass and the next, some Chemical Brothers’ big beats so yeah I don’t know. I guess all over the place? Haha.

You’ve worked with Arty before and the most recent one is the 3rd collaboration you’ve done together. What other collaborations do you have planned?

Yeah. At the moment there’s the Kill The Zo project going and there’s still a lot more stuff being done with that. There are some other collaborations that I can’t discuss right now 😉 Haha and apart from that, I would like to work with artistes that are completely different from me. Arty being the only exception that is. Haha.

Hahaha. But you guys are buddies right?

Yes, we have a good working relationship so maybe, if we happen to be in the same place long enough, we might just come up with something.

Photo via Zouk Club KL
Photo via Zouk Club KL

Cool. Last one, DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs poll is going on right now. Who do you think will make it to the top 5 in 2014?

Haha is I don’t care a good enough of an answer?

Haha it sure is! Thanks Mat.

For more of Mat Zo, follow him on: Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Oh and if you missed out on Mat Zo, then make up for it by heading to Zouk Club this Friday as Smash presents Ummet Ozcan is happening on August 15th. 😉

We’re leaving you with one of our favourites, “Pyramid Scheme” by Mat Zo featuring Chuck D. Enjoy!

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