After the success of their first reality show, “EXO Showtime”, K-Pop idol boy group EXO is back with a new reality program called, “EXO 90: 2014”, in which the members will remake 90s MVs!

Earlier in August, program creator Mnet announced that EXO will be back for their new program, “EXO 90: 2014” and released still cuts from the set of EXO’s “90s Time Slip” MV. Here:

According to a staff member, the members showed their sense of responsibility as they tried their best to recreate the MV perfectly. The show also serves as a platform for audiences to take a look back at the K-Pop culture through the 90s remake MVs.


In fact, the concept of the show is to put the spotlight on 90s music and remake MVs for 90s hit songs but set in present time aka 2014 versions. EXO will be interacting with the seniors from the old school idol groups and they will be given tasks to recreate the MVs based on the hit songs from the past.

On August 11th, Mnet uploaded 2 new teaser videos of the show, featuring EXO members interacting with their first guest H.O.T’s Kangta.

It was also revealed that Chanyeol will be the first member to remake a 90s MV for the show.

In another teaser video, the members are seen recreating the scene from the Korean hit TV series, “Reply 1997”, in which the members leave voice messages for their fans on phone.

The highly anticipated reality program will be aired on 15th August. We say “highly anticipated” because we definitely are highly anticipating it! The show is expected to achieve a 40% viewer rating as Chanyeol has previously stated in a press conference that he will shave his head if it doesn’t.

So, the question is, do you want to see Chanyeol’s shaved head? Meanwhile, EXO is expected to perform in the Singapore leg of their “The Lost Planet Tour” come 23rd August! Who’s going?



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