First introduced as a character on “Arrow” last year, the super-fast superhero “The Flash” has already proven that he can win over viewers in the blink of an eye (pun intended). In fact, one of the 2 “Arrow” episodes with The Flash was the show’s most-watched during the season!

And now, 2 months before premiering with his own show aka the “Arrow” spin-off, a new teaser for “The Flash” in which Barry Allen introduces himself as “the fastest man alive” has been released. But before we get into that, a little history lesson for you. “The Flash” is adapted from the DC Comics universe superhero of the same name and follows Barry Allen, a young forensic scientist working in Starling City. Following an explosion that takes place at his office, the character finds that he has suddenly acquired the power of extraordinary speed.

Source: The CW / Warner Bros. Television
Source: The CW / Warner Bros. Television

Hence, with reference to the comic’s storyline, in the “Arrow” TV series, he was last seen in a coma. Now, 2 months before premiering its new superhero series, the CW uploaded a new teaser in which Barry Allen introduces himself as ‘the fastest man alive’.


In the teaser, Barry Allen emerges from his coma and don his iconic red costume to become “The Flash”. Watch it here:

Played by Grant Gustin (of “Glee” and “90210” fame), The Flash will go head to head with Plastique (played by Kelly Frye) and Captain Cold, the supervillain equipped with a freezing gun (played Wentworth Miller, of “Prison Break” fame). He will also cross paths with the superhero Firestorm (played by Robbie Amell).

Look like there’s going to be a lot of DC Comics awesomeness to look forward to before the year end. The above TV series, as well as Gotham which is slated for a 22nd September release! We sure hope that Tomorrow People (CW) and Almost Human (FOX) were worth cancelling, assuming that they were cancelled to make way for these upcoming ones.

“The Flash” premieres on 7th October in the United States.

Don’t forget to check out what DC have got planned on the silver screen front through 2020!

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