A year ago when CNBLUE came to Malaysia for “CNBLUE Blue Moon World Tour“, it was a dream came true for all their Malaysian fans aka #BOICE. Clearly CNBLUE couldn’t get enough of Malaysian #BOICE because they have once again returned to put on an impressive rock show for “CNBLUE Can’t Stop Live in Kuala Lumpur” at Stadium Negara on Saturday (9th August)!

The hype was built up way before the concert started as a welcoming video was repeatedly shown on screen much to the delight of the enthusiastic BOICE who gathered in the stadium. It took a while for fans to get in but nonetheless, they managed to fill up the whole stadium at 7:45pm on the dot!

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As soon as CNBLUE came on stage, the whole stadium turned into a beautiful blue ocean after the fans switched on their blue light sticks. The band kicked off their concert with, “Time is Over” and effectively brought the house down! The crowd went on to sing along to CNBLUE’s “Intuition”.


After performing 3 songs in a row, main vocalist Jung Yong-Hwa finally greeted the fans with, “What’s up Malaysia, kami ialah CNBLUE (We are CN.BLUE). Thank you for your waiting!” and uttered “Long time no see, long long time no see!”, a snippet from TOP’s “DOOM DADA”. The members introduced themselves briefly in Bahasa Malaysia as well before proceeding to perform another 15 songs with a few breaks in between.

Source: IME Productions

The band didn’t fail to give high energy performances with songs such as “Coffee Shop” and “In My Head”. All of them (except the drummer Kang Min-hyuk) made it a point to move around the stage a lot and spoiled the fans with excellent fan service by throwing flying kisses or just sitting on the stage facing a portion of the crowd at the extension stage.

There were a few times the spotlights were on the members, especially during Jung-shin’s and Jonghyun’s guitar solos as well asMin-hyuk’s drum solo.

Source: IME Productions

However, the spotlight is mostly on Yong-hwa as he often let out his rocker spirit! He even managed to pull off a few impromptu beatbox performances as well. Rest assured, he brought the energy of the performance to a whole new level as the crowd (especially those who were in the rock zone) jumped crazily to their songs.

In between the songs, he would get playful on stage too as he swung a plastic sword and stabbed Jong-shin’s butt with it.

Source: IME Productions

Throughout the entire show, the band interacted with the fans a lot as well by speaking both in English and Bahasa Malaysia. It was a great effort from the band as they used a lot more Bahasa Malaysia phrases (although wrongly used at times) than they had in the previous concert. All in the name of connecting with their Malaysian BOICE, we’re sure.

The band even “modified” some of their Bahasa Malaysia phrases as they thanked the fans by saying, “Terima Kash!” instead of “Terima Kasih!”.

Source: IME Productions

One of the highlights of the show was when CNBLUE performing their latest song “Can’t Stop”.


Fans were spotted holding the “STOP” cardboard sign for a special fan project and the cardboard read, “CNBLUE Can’t Stop, BOICE never stop”. It was perhaps the most memorable moments for CNBLUE as the fanchants were both so loud and prominent that they are still ringing in our ears.

After 2 hours of spectacular performances from CNBLUE, the concert came to an end as the band stated that they were going to perform their last song, “Like A Child”. However, the crowd stayed and chanted for an encore session after the band left the stage.

Their “hard work” paid off as the band finally came on stage again with new set of outfits. They sang 3 songs in total for their encore session and even promised that they will come back to Malaysia soon! It wasn’t a long encore session but they managed to perform so well that it became one of our favourite parts of the concert.

Before leaving the stage, CNBLUE walked to each extension of the stage and bowed to thank the fans for their support. They took a group picture on stage as well, with the crowd for an awesome backdrop.

CNBLUE Can’t Stop  Live in KL 2014 Full Track List:

  1. Time is Over
  2. Diamond Girl
  3. 직감 (Intuition)
  4. Love
  5. These Days
  6. My Miracle
  7. Blind Love
  8. 독한 사랑 (Cold Love)
  9. Robot
  10. In My Head
  11. Greedy Man
  12. Love is
  13. 잠못드는 밤 (Sleepless Night)
  14. Let Me Know
  15. 외톨이야 (I’m a Loner)
  16. Coffee Stop
  17. I’m Sorry
  18. Lady
  19. Try Again Smile Again
  20. Can’t Stop
  21. 아이의 노래 (Like a Child)

Encore Songs

  1. Wake Up
  2. LOVE Girl + Talk
  3. 사랑빛 (Love Light)

It was truly a remarkable performance from CNBLUE and the energy level was just crazily unstoppable (pun intended). We kid you not! The concert has one of the best live performances we’ve ever seen! Jung Yong-Hwa, Lee Jong-hyun, Lee Jung Shin, and Kang Min-hyuk are just super talented and they definitely know how to build the hype all the way until the very last minute of their concert.

Now, excuse us while we curb our post-concert depression by looking at the official pictures of “CNBLUE Can’t Stop Live in Kuala Lumpur” in the gallery below:

Special thanks to IME Productions for bringing them here and we can’t wait for them to rock out with us again soon.

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