Malaysia’s leading cinema exhibitor, Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) launched the first D-Box motion seats in Malaysia at GSC 1 Utama (Hall 3) today!

What is the D-Box?

As per its official tagline, “Your Movie in Motion”, the D-Box feature offers movie fans perfectly synchronised motions with the movie scenes. Imagine the scene of a fast seed car chase ala “Fast & Furious”. Done? Good. Now imagine a seat whereby you can feel vibrations and movements in sync as the car swerves to the right or to the left. Yes, that’s basically what D-Box does!

Source: GSC Cinemas
Source: GSC Cinemas

Talk about taking a cinematic experience to another level and moving you beyond words.

How does it work?

The D-Box seats provides movements and vibrations, shifts you up and down, right or left, or even front and back. These special seats will be activated with each paid D-Box movie ticket and customers can control the intensity of the movements from high, medium, low, to off.


D-Box seats are also weight triggered and therefore, each activated seat will only move once you sit on the seat. Once you get out of the seat, it stops all movement. As simple as that!

Is it expensive?

Well, for now, the D-Box seats are only available in GSC 1 Utama’s Hall 3 – the same hall that has the Dolby Atmos feature. Hence. tickets for the movies in D-Box and Dolby Atmos format are priced at RM32 each. An additional RM5 surcharge will be applicable if the movie is in 3D format. We say it’s pretty worth the experience at least once! And if you love it, go the second, third, or even fourth time.

Here’s basically all that awesome cinematic technology that you’re paying for:


The upcoming 2014 D-Box movie titles are such as:

  1. Into the Storm” (7th August onwards)
  2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” (7th August onwards)
  3. Lucy” (21st August onwards)

While it’s currently only available at their 1 Utama cinema, GSC has big plans to extend this unique feature to other GSC flagship cinemas soon. So, by year end, we could be looking at more D-Box seats in GSC Mid Valley and GSC Pavilion KL as well!

You game to catch a D-Box feature enabled flick? Hit up GSC’s website to purchase tickets!

For more information, check out their Facebook page.

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