Ah, long weekends. Admit it, some of us are still recovering from last week’s extended weekend break from the Hari Raya Aidilfitri festivities. The bliss of not having to work or sit through the rush hour mornings and evenings. Even driving around Kuala Lumpur city was a breeze during the holiday because most people were out of town. Are you perhaps battling withdrawal symptoms now?

Fret not. We’ve found some handy calendars to map out long weekends for Malaysians for the rest of 2014 and 2015!


Source: cuticutimalaysia.net
Source: cuticutimalaysia.net

cuticutimalaysia.net has also taken the liberty to highlight the school holidays (as seen in the above calendar) for those with families. But you know what school holidays mean for the working crowd – less traffic.

Some public holidays will require you to apply for leave (1 day for each long weekend respectively) such as:

  • Malaysia Day weekend (16th September, Tuesday)
  • Deepavali weekend (23rd October, Thursday)
  • Christmas weekend (25th December, Thursday)

But it’s best to start applying now and plan the last of your 2014 getaways!


Source: magazine.tripzilla.com
Source: magazine.tripzilla.com

For 2015, however, Tripzilla noted that Malaysians will be looking at a year of awesome vacation weekends! How many weekends, you ask? As many as 11 long weekends. Yup!

Granted, different states in Malaysia will celebrate public different holidays such as:

  • Thaipusam (3rd February 2015, Tuesday)
  • Good Friday (3rd April 2015, Friday)

But at the very least you will have 8 long weekends based on the calendar above. And with very minimum application of leave, too. We know, right? Go on and share this with your friends, family, and loved ones!

Meanwhile, official school holidays for Malaysia 2015 will be announced in September this year. We’ll update the 2015 calendar with more information as soon as we know.



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