We go behind-the-scenes of the work that the Malaysian Association of Chinese Comedians (MACC) does in an exclusive interview with one of our favourite stand-up comedians, Douglas Lim.

Douglas Lim an actor extraordinaire. We say that because his work spans across on screen and off screen. He acts for TV shows, stage, commercials. He also writes, he composes, he sings, he directs, he’s a comedic host, and above all, he’s now a successful stand-up comedian. On top of that, he founded the MACC – the PJ Live Arts one, not the anti-corruption commission one. And as MACC, they’ve done many shows with original jokes and content.



In line with the upcoming “Planet of the Apeks (Reprise) show, we kidnapped Douglas for a fun, exclusive interview.

He dishes the dirt on the starting up of MACC, his first impressions of the other MACC members (Kuah Jenhan, Phoon Chi Ho, Jason Leong), what goes on during the preparations for shows like, “Internal Affairs”, “Three & a Half Men”, & the upcoming “Planet of the Apeks (Reprise)”, what the MACC boys do to unwind after their shows, and more.

Check out the gems in this one, guys:

Special thanks to our friends from PJ Live Arts for making this interview happen!

For more information on the upcoming “Planet of the Apeks (Reprise)” show, go here. We know we’ll definitely be there!

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