Woot! After 21 months in military service, K-Pop idol boy group Super Junior’s (SuJu) leader is finally back in the game.

SuJu member Eunhyuk uploaded this post on his Instagram account a few days ago of the members practising in the studio:


As seen in the picture, Leeteuk was present during the practice too! Leeteuk is the one dressed in a sleeveless black tee, with his hands on his hips. It was previously assumed that he would take a break before getting back into SuJu’s activities. But we guess we’ll be seeing more of him pretty soon since he has been practising with the group prior to his release to make his return to the K-Pop industry as smooth as possible!

Leeteuk officially enlisted into the military on 30th October 2012 and entered the 306th battalion in Uijeongbu, Gyeonggido. He was officially discharged from on 29th July. However, it was unceremonious as Leeteuk asked for no public greetings because he just wanted to quietly return home.

Some fans and reporters gathered to greet Leeteuk in the morning but it was reported that he quietly entered a car that arrived early. After which, it sped off almost immediately upon his entering the vehicle. The disappointed fans and reporters weren’t able to catch up with him as initially planned.

After Leeteuk was discharged, Donghae also posted up a picture of their beloved leader on his Instagram:

Some fans were also lucky to have gotten a glimpse of him outside the SM Entertainment building, while others gave Leeteuk a warm welcome back across all social media platforms.

Leeteuk is the third Super Junior member to return to idol activities following his military service; Kangin and Heechul have already completed their duty while Yesung is currently serving. Shindong and Sungmin are both reported to be entering the army either before or shortly after the start of 2015.

Source: twitter.com/Ji_Chang_Wook87
Source: twitter.com/Ji_Chang_Wook87

Welcome back, Leeteuk!


Who’s excited to see him back in action again? Let us know in the comments!


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