Surprise, surprise!

After SM Entertainment confirmed the debut of a new girl group, the company has surprised fans once again with an unexpected music video teaser for their debut track, “Happiness”.

The music video teaser features the upbeat tune of “Happiness” with the members of SM’s latest 4-member girl group, Red Velvet, all dressed up in cheerleader outfits. An official website has also been created for the group, featuring the individual shots of the members in tropical inspired outfits.


Watch it here:

All the confirmed members (except Joy) were previously rumoured to be the members of the new girl group after they were introduced in SM Entertainment’s pre-debut team, “SM Rookies”. While the rest of the members have already showcased their talent and skills, Joy’s talent still remains a mystery in the group.

It is reported that the group will be debuting in August but the actual date has not been announced yet. So far, the group has been receiving great response from the fans for their psychedelic concept despite the peculiar group name. The concept is said to be a mix of f(x)’s experimental concept and Girls’ Generation’s mainstream pop concept.

SM Entertainment has also confirmed that the group will hold their first debut stage on “Music Bank” on 1st August, with live performances of their debut song, “Happiness”. After which, they will make appearances on MBC’s “Music Core” and SBS’ “Inkigayo”. Their debut single will be made available on 4th August.

The company has also released more teaser pictures of the group and this time around, the members continue to don the sport luxe look but in a subtle and minimalist way. It’s a drastic difference from the loud style that they have previously shown in the first round of images released by the company.

So pretty though!



The music video for Red Velvet’s “Happiness” is finally here! We must say, this is probably one of the “happiest” videos (pun totally intended) we’ve watched this week! Check it out here!

So, what do you think about the new girl group? Are you excited to see them?

Share your thoughts in the comments!


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