It seems like the best 2014 San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) news happen in Hall H. Legendary opened their panel with a big, monster-sized bang, when they confirmed that, yes, the microscopic hint that we got at the end of “Godzilla” was meant to be there – they’ll be making a sequel to the movie!

Director Gareth Edwards, who is currently working on a standalone “Star Wars” film, greeted fans with a video message shot in San Francisco, thanking them for the “okay” box office returns of the first movie and their support over the past 2 years (the first announcement of “Godzilla” rocked Comic Con in 2012). He also joked that he was busy supervising the reconstruction of the city after Godzilla’s destruction.

Source: Legendary
Source: Legendary

But the biggest news to follow after the initial announcement?


During the same panel, Legendary revealed details on what Godzilla will be fighting in “Godzilla 2”. The monsters are none other than Rodan (a fictional Japanese mutated pterosaur) Mothra (a giant divine moth kaiju), and the most menacing of them all, King Ghidorah! What’s a King Ghidorah?



The confirmation came with a concept footage for “Godzilla 2”, which teases the monsters’ silhouettes, along with retro government footage of serious-looking meetings, accompanied by a voiceover calling for emergency meetings and disaster control. There’s also a nice tease to Directive 27.

“Conflict: Inevitable. Let them fight.”

One more massive drop: Legendary also announced that other monsters will appear in “future franchise instalments”, hinting that we could very well be enjoying an entire Godzilla cinematic universe and not just 2 movies:


There are only so many tears of joy that a fan could cry!

Towards the end of the panel, Gareth Edwards said that he’s very much looking forward to direction “Godzilla 2″. As the timeline would suggest, he’d probably jump right into it after he’s done with“Star Wars: Episode VII”. No release date has been announced for “Godzilla 2″ yet but we’re thinking, if the “Star Wars” spinoff is due out in 2016, we’ll have to wait until 2017 at the earliest for “Godzilla 2”.

For more information, visit Legendary’s website or their Facebook page.

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