K-Pop world is screaming for a new wave of idols as SM Entertainment is set to debut a new girl group soon!

According to allkpop, the agency told media outlets that a new girl group is currently in the works:

The new girl group is planning for a debut in August. We will reveal the exact date, concept, and such details at a later time… It is a new girl group that SM Entertainment has put out in a while, so please look forward to them.


While it’s not verified, Korean media outlet Sports Chosun reported that the new girl group will consist of 4 members including the members from SM pre-debut team, “SM Rookies” – Wendy, Seulgi and Irene.

SM Irene Wendy Seulgi

It is reported that the mysterious member of the group bears a striking resemblance to actress Kim Yoo Jung. The new girl group’s concept is said to be a mix of f(x)’s experimental concept and Girls’ Generation’s mainstream pop concept.

As compared to the previous groups they have produced, it seems like SM Entertainment has toned down a little on the group size since they are going to debut a 4-member girl group this time around.

Previously, the company has released a series of teaser videos with the members showing off their talents in dancing and singing. From Christmas carol to dance practice videos to an OST release, it seems like the girls are only a few steps away from debuting as an actual idol group.



On top of that, it was rumoured that SM Entertainment might be debuting a new boy group as well, two years after they debuted EXO. On 21st July, the agency uploaded a video clip of SM Rookie’s Taeyong rapping for an unreleased song, “Open the Door”. Because it’s a pre-debut team, the boy group is currently code-named, “SR14B”  while the girl group is code-named, “SR14G”.

The agency recently dropped several individual photos of SM Rookies on SMRookie’s official Facebook page as well. The trainees below are the rumoured members of SM’s new group:

Well, it looks like it’s going to be an epic battle between YG Entertainment and SM Entertainment because YG Entertainment is set to debut four new rookie groups including WINNER this year!

Which idol group’s debut are you most looking forward to? Let us what you think!

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