Yesterday, we got wind that Malaysia’s first drive-in A&W restaurant will be closed down by the end of this year, based on this interview dated 21st July (Monday) between The Edge Malaysia and KUB Malaysia Sdn Bhd’s group managing director, Datuk Wan Mohd Nor Wan Ahmad. In the interview, Datuk Wan Mohd Nor Wan Ahmad in an interview and said that the current A&W restaurant will be closed by year-end and relocated to one of the new RM263 million KUB Tower buildings when completed.

After the news went viral, scores of Malaysians have responded to KUB’s decision to close the iconic drive-in restaurant down, with many sharing their fondest memories of the places. Some netizens recalled hanging out after school at the restaurant while others reminisced about they many dates they’ve had there.

Source: Avril Chan
Source: Avril Chan

For some of us, the A&W drive-in restaurant holds great sentimental values because it was our first “fast food” restaurant and we’ve probably attended many, many birthday parties there in the company of the Root Bear. Simple put, the A&W drive-in restaurant is home to our childhood memories.


One Facebook user has also taken the liberty to start up a “Save Iconic A&W” Facebook community page. In less than 2 days, it has garnered over 1,300 likes and counting. In there, people are encouraged to share their fondest thoughts and memories of the place – even blog posts, articles, and photos!

Hit this link to share your memories too!

Also, last night, for the first time in a long time, the A&W drive-in restaurant on Lorong Sultan in Petaling Jaya saw a sudden influx of customers. Presumably, the mad rush was all due to the fact that people heard about the impending A&W closure and all wanted to pay A&W a visit before their favourite iconic fast food restaurant is taken down to make way for the KUB Tower buildings.

Coincidentally, some of our friends were there too to savour the all-time A&W favourites such as the coney dogs, waffles, and curly fries – oh yes, of course, everybody’s favourite rootbeer and rootbeer float too! At close to 10pm last night (21st July, Monday), we were sent these pictures:

Source: Avril Chan
Source: Avril Chan

Wow? Yes. We, too, couldn’t believe our eyes.

We also heard that the queue went as far as halfway down the road and yes, perhaps the A&W staff had quite a bit of a struggle to get all the orders through as fast as they can. But for good reasons, we’re sure. Malaysia, you sure do love your A&W drive-in restaurant!


More pictures from the mad rush at A&W drive-in restaurant in Petaling Jaya here, courtesy of our friend Avril Chan:

So, were any of you there? Are any of you planning to go before the year ends? Let us know in the comments!

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