With great fame comes great responsibility..

..and great troubles for some of the celebrities too as their personal lives have been interrupted by irrational admirers.

Sehun Instagram hacked
Source: Sehun’s Instagram

On 22nd July, EXO’s youngest member Sehun updated his Instagram account and left a warning message to the hackers.



This is the first and last time I’ll say this. I did not do anything, why do I keep getting so many messages everyday? Messages of verification number.. Change of password.. Logged in with another IP. If (you) continue on with such ridiculous actions I will not just stand by and do nothing. (cr: baekhundred)

It seems like the member has had enough of the hackers’ ridiculous actions after receiving a number of notifications about the security breach on his Instagram account.

f(x) Krystal Instagram hack

Apparently, this isn’t the first time that a celebrity has complained about the hackers as f(x)’s Krystal has previously warned the hackers too before she deleted her Instagram account altogether. EXO’s label mate Super Junior also went through the same problem as Eunhyuk’s Twitter was hacked with a bunch of explicit photos uploaded to his account.

K-Pop idols have always had problems with a portion of obsessive fans aka the sasaeng fans who would follow them and stalk them wherever they go. The problem has never been managed properly by their agency and thus the problems have only gotten more severe over time. The hacking is only part of the stalking problems as some sasaeng fans would even got a hold of their home addresses and phone numbers too! Some would even get, well, a little too close.

Sehun Sasaeng

Clearly, this social problem needs to be stopped before anyone get hurts. What do you think of Sehun’s warning on his Instagam account? What else can be done to stop this from happening again?

Share your thoughts with us!

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