For a decade or so now, DJ/producer duo Goldfish & Blink aka #GBTagTeam have been the major names in the dance music industry. Anyone who has had any experience with Malaysian parties or clubs would have at least heard of them in passing even if he/she has never seen them play.

In June 2012, the duo released their debut album. We spoke to the boys briefly right before the album launch and asked what was next for Goldfish and Blink. To which the Malaysian powerhouse simply replied that they were going to play at some international festivals. What they didn’t tell us, however, was that they were about to get signed with Hardwell Publishing!

Goldfish & Blink


With that much exposure, it’s no wonder how the boys’ music suddenly gained so much traction in such a short time.

And while we’re on the topic of music, they’ve recently released a teaser for their new track, “Pursuit”. The track first premiered on Hardwell’s “Hardwell On Air” episode 175 and already, it has received praises from local as well as international fans. These boys, they sure have a series of surprises up their sleeves!

Here’s a snippet:

Love it? Then you’re going to love what’s coming up next because the biggest surprise of all is the fact that they’ll be giving away “Pursuit” absolutely free! In celebration of hitting 15,000 likes, the “Pursuit” banger is now available for free download via Goldfish & Blink’s Facebook page. We know, right? Go on and download away.

For more information, hit up Goldfish & Blink’s Facebook page.

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