Oh boy did everyone almost fall for this one! Us, including.

This site, known for its celebrity death hoaxes and other fake news, recently posting up an article about Michael Bay and “Transformers 5”. The article claimed that, fresh off his big summer hit flick, “Transformers 4: Age of Extinction”, director Michael Bay is already setting the motion for the next instalment of “Transformers”.

He was “quoted” as saying:


I am so excited about that movie. I am always about my next big hit. Transformers 4 just hit and TMNT is about to hit. But what is foremost in my mind is what I am going to do to Transformers next. I have guys working on the script now and it is almost done. We will start filming in a few months and I am excited. We are shaking it up. Big changes. We took some elements from the 80s movie in this last one and it was a big hit. We made what? $300 million opening weekend? People love it. So we are going to borrow a little more for the the next movie.

He was apparently alluding to the 1986 animated movie ‘The Transformers: The Movie”. The movie takes place ironically  in the future, in 2005, 20 years after the events of the TV series’ second season.

Michael Bay Transformers 5

Just in case you haven’t seen the movie or just in case you’ve forgotten the gist of the movie (since it was a really, really long time ago), “The Transformers: The Movie” serves as a bridge between the series’ 2nd and 3rd seasons, with the deaths of several major characters and the introduction of new ones.

Hence, darker and more action-packed than the TV series.

And now, the golden question. When “asked” if he was planning to kill off the lovable Autobots leader too in “Transformers 5”, Michael apparently revealed:

Optimus Prime has served his time. He is old news. He dies heroically in battle, but it is time for leadership to be passed on to a new generation. We will be introducing a new Autobot known as Hot Rod. He is young and hip and sometimes doesn’t think things through, just like Bumblebee. But he will have to learn how to lead what remains of the Autobots against Galvatron and his army of Decepticons.


And will there be any chance that Optimus Prime will be brought back later on? Michael supposedly added, “No. Optimus is dead. For good. As long as I am behind the movies. Case closed.”

Wait, what?

No. It’s satirical, guys. All of it. Don’t fall for it and start mourning the not-so-impending-not-just-yet “death” of Optimus Prime.


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