Malaysian MP Bung Moktar Radin is at it again.

In 2011, he blamed reckless drivers and “especially women drivers” for endangering motorists. During a supplementary supply bill debate in Parliament, he said, “They relax, they think that because they are inside a car the world is theirs. They don’t look left and right and when we honk they get angry. There are times when we honk, they show all sorts of signs.”

He was later criticised in the Parliament by PAS’ Kota Raja MP Dr Siti Mariah Mahmood and Kuala Selangor MP Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad for his comment.


Today, he tweeted that he was vindicated over that controversial remark that he made years ago after the #CDM25 viral video. He tweeted:

Source: Bung Moktar's Twitter
Source: Bung Moktar’s Twitter


I was once condemned when I said most women drivers are hot-headed. It has been proven by Kiki CDM 25.

To think that it was just last week when Bung Moktar caused a stir in both local and international media for hailing deceased Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler following Germany’s 7-1 win in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil #BRAvGER semi-final match. He later apologised for the tweet.

Is this too soon? Uncalled for? Sound off in the comments!

Meanwhile, Kiki aka #CDM25 have since publicly apologised to all Malaysians in an exclusive interview with ntv7 last night.


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