It appears that 2NE1’s Park Bom will be taking a hiatus from the SBS Sunday variety show, “Roommate”.

SBS’ “Roommate” first aired earlier this year and recently celebrated its 100th day anniversary special by shooting the episode overseas. However, Bom didn’t participate. Neither did she participate in the 11th June recording of the show. A source from the production stated to various media outlets that Park Bom will not be filming the variety show for the time being and it is yet unknown when she will be able to come back.

Park Bom Roomate


While Park Bom is currently in Japan due to 2NE1′s world tour concerts, she will not be meeting up with the cast of “Roommates” who have traveled there on 12th July to film the show.

Park Bom had stated to her agency recently, “It won’t be easy appearing on the show,” after being caught up in a controversial drug incident earlier this month.

We’re guessing this is another blow to SBS’ “Roommate” as it was first scheduled to be aired on 20th April but due to the Sewol ferry tragedy, it was halted and then later pushed to May. The show featured 11 celebrities living together in a house, sharing common spaces such as the kitchen, living room, washrooms, as well as doing household tasks together.

SBS Roommate
Source: SBS

The roommates in the show are:

  1. Hong Soo Hyun (Actress)
  2. Jo Se Ho (Comedian)
  3. Lee Dong Wook (Actor)
  4. Lee So Ra (Model)
  5. Nana of “After School” (Singer/Idol)
  6. Park Chan Yeol of “EXO” (Singer/Idol)
  7. Park Bom of “2NE1” (Singer/Idol)
  8. Park Min Woo (Actor)
  9. Seo Kang Joon (Actor)
  10. Shin Sung Woo (Singer/Actor)
  11. Song Ga Yeon (Martial Artist)

Meanwhile, we hear that SBS’ contingency plan is to air the episodes she has already filmed without edit.


Apparently, this week’s episode of “Roommate” will be Park Bom’s last one. The show’s chief producer, Baek Jung Ryul, confirmed to TV Report that Park Bom hasn’t been attending filming so there’s no footage of her and hence, realistically speaking, it’s as if she has left the show. He also added, “Park Bom did not make any future plans for filming. There has not been any discussion on this We edited many parts out about Park Bom in the upcoming episode. This was due to the controversy involving legal issues.”

However, allkpop cited the show’s PD, Park Sang Hyuk, who told reportedly MBN:


It’s true Bom hasn’t been participating in the filming since the 11th. Due to this, she won’t be in the broadcasts starting next week. She couldn’t film because of schedules, so we can’t ultimately label this as her leaving. We have footage that has been recorded before, so Bom will be appearing in a portion of this week’s episode.

We truly hope that it’s because of her schedules and not anything else. Here’s hoping that Bom will return to “Roommate” soon. Tweet her your love and support to encourage her, Blackjacks!

Meanwhile, Park Bom is expected to appear alongside fellow 2NE1 members CL, Minzy, and Dara for the “YG Family 2014 Galaxy Tour: Power in Singapore” concert come September.


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