If you’ve seen pictures of Brazil World Cup riot circulating around the Internet today, chances are, they might be fakes aka it’s all a hoax, peeps!

An old image of a riot in Brazil was recently posted up on various social media accounts today during World Cup semifinal between Germany and Brazil. It was “reported” that Brazilian fans began rioting after Germany scored 7 goals in the match against Brazil.

Brazil World Cup riot 2013


However, the riots were not a result of Brazil’s recent loss to Germany during World Cup 2014. These photos actually came from the violent protests at Belo Horizonte and Sao Paulo in Brazil last year.

Here’s another one:

Brazil World Cup riot hoax

The 2013 protests in Brazil were initially organized to protest against various issues including the increase of bus, train, and metro ticket prices in some Brazilian cities and high corruption in the government as well as police brutality used against some demonstrators. It was Brazil’s largest demonstration since the 1992 protests against former President Fernando Collor de Mello.

Although the riot was just a hoax, Brazil supporters were completely devastated and hopeless as some of them were seen leaving the stadium in the middle of the match. The remaining supporters in the stadium began booing their home team even when the team scored a goal towards the end of the match.


As the home team was taken down in a humiliating defeat by Germany, the Brazilian government feared rioting and the riot police in Brazil have taken extra security measures outside the stadium to ensure that everything was under control.

It was truly one of the most shocking moments for Brazilians ever since Neymar broke his back in a match against Colombia. But cheer up, Brazil fans! Brazil will take the field again on Saturday for the World Cup’s third-place match!



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