The new “Star Trek” trilogy may not be a Trekkie’s favorite film franchise reboot but they will soon decide whether the final film of trilogy will make it into their list of must-watch Star Trek films!

Continued from the story of their previous film, “Star Trek 3” is expected to go back to its TV roots.

During a recent Geoff Boucher’s “Humans From Earth” podcast recording, the newly appointed director Roberto Orci talked about what to expect from the final film:


“In [the last film] they set out finally where the original series started. The first two films – especially the 2009 [“Star Trek”] – was an origin story. It was about them coming together. So, they weren’t the characters they were in the original series. They were growing into them and that continues on in the second movie. So in this movie they are closer than they are to the original series characters that you have ever seen. They have set off on their five-year mission. So their adventure is going to be in deep space.”

Star Trek film

Previously, the reboot of the “Star Trek” films were directed by J.J Abrams and co-written by Roberto Orci. Now, the final installment of “Star Trek” trilogy has been passed on to Orci. The film will be Orci’s directorial debut and he will be assisted by 2 new writers J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay.

As the reboot of the film franchise is a prequel to the original TV series, the first two films of the trilogy were set in alternate timeline with the younger version of the USS Enterprise crew. Although the stories differ from the original TV series, the second sequel “Star Trek: Into the Darkness” featured a surprising moment from the classic “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan”.

Khan Benedict Cumberbatch

Besides that, the second film hinted the possibilities of going back to its TV roots when it ended with the Enterprise going back to the space for their 5-year mission. So, perhaps no more San Francisco cityscape in sight but just USS Enterprise exploring new planets in space.

However, it’s good to note that the stories may still be told differently from the original series since the second film made a lot of changes with the characters especially Kirk’s, who was resurrected by having Khan’s blood in his veins. Although the director plans to stay true to its roots, he also hints at possible new villain in the film depending on how the story progresses in an alternate universe.

Starred Chris Pine, Simon Pegg, Zachary Quinto and Zoe Saldana, the third film is expected to be released in 2016. Will the trilogy end well once it goes back to its original roots? Let us know what you think in the comment box below!



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