Malaysian Chinese model Felixia Yeap Chin Yee first made headlines when she was invited to become a Playboy Bunny and worked at its club in Macau. She was Malaysia’s first and only Playboy Bunny. However, in 2013, she started sporting a hijab, sparking controversy among Muslim and non-Muslim communities.  The act alone drew intense media attention and spurred criticism but she insisted back then that she was just “covering up” and had no intentions of converting her religion.

She later took to her blog to say, “I think I probably am considered or publicly categorised as one of the ‘hot and sexy’ models in Malaysia but really, all these achievements got me thinking of a woman’s worth. I believe I am more worthy than showing off my body. I am MORE than this.”

Felixia Yeap
BEFORE: Felixia Yeap

In June, the 28-year-old publicly announced that she was in the process of deleting old pictures circa 2010/2011 from her Facebook page – mostly from her more provocative modelling days. She said that it’ll take her weeks to do so because it’s not just one picture or two, there are thousands.


Last Friday, Felixia Yeap posted a Facebook status to say that she will be “reborn” and that she hopes everyone will pray that she will be steadfast and committed in her new journey:

Felixia Yeap Facebook Page
Source: Felixia Yeap’s Facebook page

The 28-year-old was also invited to speak at a programme in Shah Alam in conjunction with the Islamic holy month, in front of a 2,000-strong audience where she said that she would officially recite the Muslim declaration of faith on 3rd July, which is her birthday. She added that the fifth day of Ramadhan was Prophet Muhammad’s favourite date.

The status was widely accepted by many of her fans, who congratulated her on her decision. Well, to each his or her own. She has our support too and we wish her all the best!

Source: Felixia Yeap's blog
Source: Felixia Yeap’s blog

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