Thanks to the release of “The LEGO Movie” (and perhaps some hardcore LEGO fans like ourselves), the toys have reclaimed their former glory. They were immensely popular back in the 80s and today, they’re just as popular if not more. From the acquisition of new and younger fans (read: “The LEGO Movie”) to the fans that have matured into collectors, it’s no doubt that the success of LEGO has made it quite possibly the most famous toy in the world.


So much so that even photographers have found good uses for the minifigs and LEGO bricks. Case in point, internationally acclaimed photographer Jeff Friesen. By using LEGO bricks, he recreated well-known and controversial street artist Banksy’s famous art pieces:


With a pun, some humour and a dash of wit thrown in the works, Jeff calls this series, “Bricksy” and explains that, “Bricksy is an edgy, underground LEGO street artist. He is rumoured to have inspired Banksy’s iconic works, or is that the other way around?” Clever!

Jeff has a whole series of LEGO photography called, “The Brick Fantastic”. Check out his LEGO-inspired work here because, yes, everything (in there) is awesome.


Pun totally intended.

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