Gone were the days where comics were turned into movies and TV series. These days, they’re all about doing it the other way round. The first to jump on that bandwagon is none other than Marvel Comics.

Marvel Comics and ABC have teamed up to present, “Revenge: The Secret Origin of Emily Thorne” – an original graphic novel based on the popular drama, “Revenge”.

Source: abc.go.com
Source: abc.go.com

Upon the initial announcement, “Revenge” co-producer and writer Ted Sullivan said:


Basically, we’ve always felt that Emily Thorne or Amanda Clarke in this form is kind of a superhero in her own right. There’s still some parts of her backstory that we haven’t examined and the freedom of a graphic novel allows you to really explore that and not be limited by production or budget or anything like that so your imagination can go free. Amanda Clarke is basically a superhero; she has a secret identity. We wanted to show how she got to be that way. Comics and graphic novels are really good at telling origins that way and they’re really part of the whole fabric of the genre. It seems like a really good starting off place for taking this character and really laying into a story that is part of the canon of the show.

Ted Sullivan worked closely with “Revenge: The Secret Original of Emily Thorne” graphic novelist Eriza Schultz to ensure that it happens the way it’s supposed to happen. The all-new adventure in the comic is canon and the graphic novel will flesh out an early part of the vengeful history of Emily Thorne (or, Amanda Clarke, as she was known back then) that has never been revealed on TV.


Source: abc.go.com
Source: abc.go.com

“Revenge” fans will be able to fill in the gaps in Emily’s origin as her backstory unfolds in a never-before-told-action-adventure set in Geneva, Switzerland. Something to do with one of her earliest revenge attempts against a European family of villains with ties to her past.

Here’s what else you can expect from “Revenge: The Secret Origin of Emily Thorne”:

  • The main plot introduces a powerful European family that is linked to the Flight 197 disaster, so the story will shed new light on the conspiracy and the villains you already know. “It’s shocking to Amanda in this story, and I think it will be equally shocking and exciting to fans of the show,” Ted explains.
  • The comic chronicles Emily’s first takedown of a person in an act of revenge. “This is her first real takedown,” Erica asserts, so this inexperienced and impetuous Emily will mess up and “she realizes she’s not as smart as she thinks she is.”
  • Vincenzo Balzano created the interior art, which is more impressionistic and painterly than most traditional comics. The art harkens back to Marvel’s Elektra: Assassin of which Revenge series writer Ted Sullivan is a fan.
Source: abc.go.com
Source: abc.go.com
  • Even though there’s a lot of action, fans will also see all the fashion and stately settings that Revenge is known for. Artist Vincenzo Balzano has created lush European backdrops that include opulent VIP lounges, ornate libraries and sprawling mansions.
  • Some fan favourite characters will make cameo appearances. Ted promises a “certain best friend” of Emily’s will show up.
  • You’ll be able to get into Emily’s head. Because of the comic book format, fans will be able to read what Emily is thinking in the moment. What is she planning? How is she manipulating this person? Readers will get a window into Emily’s mind.
  • Takeda will play a major role in the story.

Yes, yes, more butt-kicking-ninja Amanda for the win! Just what we need to clue us in on Season 4 of the TV series.

Source: abc.go.com
Source: abc.go.com

“Revenge: The Secret Origin of Emily Thorne”, written by Erica Schultz with interior art by Vincenzo Balzano and cover art by Dustin Nguyen (“Batman”, “American Nightmare: Lord of Vampires”), will be available digitally and in print on 3rd September.

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