It has been almost a month since the extended trailer for Gotham was released. Just last week, we were briefly introduced to the main antagonists in the series as well when they released the promo video of the villains. And now, Entertainment Weekly has released exclusive teaser images of the main characters that will appear in the first season of Gotham!

Our thoughts? These. Are. Awesome!:

If you’ve watched the trailer, you would’ve known that the series will be introducing the origins of Batman’s arch enemies including Poison Ivy, The Riddler, The Penguin, Fish Mooney and Catwoman. During an interview with Hitfix, director Danny Cannon explained that he went through a big pitch with the series creator Bruno Heller about Mr Freeze’s origins.


Psst. He also dropped hints that more characters including Mr. Freeze and The Joker might appear in the drama but it all depends on the flow of the story.

With the promising trailers and spot-on cast members for the drama, we are already putting this in the list of our must-watch TV series!


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