Currently ranked #7 in the world by DJ Mag, Zouk has become an internationally recognised name on the global club circuit. It has won the Singapore Tourism Board’s “Best Nightspot Experience” award six times, between 1996 to 2007. It’s also ranked #10 on DJ Mag’s list of Top 100 clubs in the world in 2006, 2007, and 2010.

If that’s not enough, the club (which has been in operation for 23 years) is a permanent fixture in artistes’/DJs’/producers’ tour grids – the biggest names in the music industry has played in the club. Some more than once.

Zouk Jiak Kim Street Singapore
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It’s also an iconic landmark on Singapore’s Jiak Kim Street. Locals and tourists know the name and probably the directions to the club by heart.


However, as of recent, there has been speculation as to what will happen to the much-loved award-winning Zouk Singapore. And today, news is rife with the closure of Zouk Singapore.

According to Straits Times , Zouk might shut down by year end. Founder Lincoln Cheng said that he will close the club for good by the end of the year if he doesn’t get a three-year extension on the lease. While he has no desire to retire, he also felt the need to be responsible to his staff. He also commented that he’s tired of getting short lease extensions for the iconic club.

Zouk Singapore

What does this mean for all the partygoers in Singapore? We can only keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best! They do throw some of the best parties in the region, after all.


A petition has gone cray cray since the announcement first went live. On this website, Zouk Singapore is publicly appealing to fans of the iconic Singaporean nightclub to help #SaveZouk. The almost 3-minute long video features several media icons and celebrities talking about their best memory of Zouk Singapore. It’s almost heart wrenching to watch:

“We’re planning our last ZoukOut this year + a series of big bang parties before our lease on Jiak Kim Street expires at the end of this year. Yes, just 6 months. No extension. No new venue despite our best efforts to secure one.”


If you love Zouk Singapore (and we know you do), help them save the club. Tweet your messages and best memories of Zouk Singapore and hashtag #SaveZouk. Share it on your Facebook too, peeps!

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