Note: Because professional cameras weren’t allowed, we didn’t get to take better pictures. But that didn’t stop us from covering Taylor Swift’s Red Tour Live in Malaysia concert tour the best way we know how!

If there was a colour for the emotions than ran high last night while Taylor Swift danced her way into the hearts of her Malaysian Swifties, it’d be RED. And RED indeed was the theme of the night. Not only was it in the official name of Taylor Swift’s tour, the concert attendees were also mostly dressed in red!

At 5:30pm, the queue was dotted with fans in shades of crimson as well as some super adorable Swifties who took a lot of time and effort to prepare their costumes:


Taylor Swift Red Tour Malaysia

As the Putra Indoor Stadium in Bukit Jalil filled up over the hour, screams and chants were heard as excited fans anxiously awaited the appearance of their idol. As soon as the lights went out, the colour red flooded the stadium. Then, the 24-year-old multiple award-winning singer-songwriter sashayed onto the stage decked in her signature hat and shorts and belted out, “State of Grace”.

Her opening was followed by high decibel cheers and thunderous claps before she went on to sing “Holy Ground” and “Red”. Like a seasoned artiste, Taylor swished and flicked her hair, pausing to flash smiles and send occasional waves at her adoring fans. Her aura of happiness was surely infectious, which heightened the energy level in the stadium as the night progressed.

Taylor Swift Red Tour Malaysia

Taylor also performed “Lucky One”, “Mean”, and “22”, but she wasn’t alone. The crowd sang along as she sang her songs, word for word. This prompted Taylor to exclaim over the deafening screams, “My backup dancers and I were just talking about you guys backstage and the way you guys welcomed us is amazing. Like, this is how you welcome us. KL, you’re amazing!”

An entourage of dancers and musicians dressed in costumes strutted alongside Taylor throughout her Red Tour Live in Malaysia concert. Some highlights worth mentioning are such as:

  • When a couple of brightly lit drum-stage-props were whisked onto the stage a little after her opening and Taylor entertained her fans with some hair-swishing-back-throwing-drumming action. Boomz!
  • When the giant screen behind the stage played a video montage of her growing up. There was even a snippet of Taylor singing the first song she ever wrote, when she was only 12 years old.
  • When Taylor walked between the crowd, shaking hands and giving high fives along the way, to get to the secondary stage, where she sang acoustic renditions of her hits, accompanied with nothing but a guitar.
  • When a red baby grand piano was rolled onto the stage and Taylor continued to serenade her fans while enthusiastically and skillfully slamming the keys..

..before she ran backstage to prepare for her final performance. For her final song, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”, she trotted onto the stage dressed as a ringmaster while performers in stilts and her “dancing clowns” surrounded her.

And then, it was time to say goodbye.


Taylor Swift Red Tour KL Malaysia

With a bow and a big, bright smile, the beautiful blue-eyed blonde idol left the Red Tour Live in Malaysia stage. An experience we won’t soon forget – and neither will her Malaysian Swifties.

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