Luxury super car enthusiasts will be delighted to hear that McLaren Kuala Lumpur has officially unveiled its groundbreaking super car — the 650S.


Taking Performance Luxury Standards to new heights, the 650S was designed to give drivers the ultimate driving luxury, engagement and excitement as it also offers the widest breadth of capabilities for any super car.


With its design and engineering inspired by the groundbreaking McLaren P1TM, the 650S made its highly anticipated debut in Malaysia on June 9th, 2014 bringing much joy to both fans and owners. Dubbed McLaren Automotive’s fastest, best equipped, and most beautiful series-production super car, the 650S is crafted for drivers who indulge in celebrating life and brings a new level of excitement to the McLaren drive experience.

Malaysian drivers and McLaren enthusiasts expect nothing but the best. Following the success of the 12C and McLaren P1TM here, we’re very excited to be bringing the new pinnacle in high-end luxury supercar offerings to Malaysia,” said Simon Rock, Director at Sime Darby Auto Britannia Sdn Bhd, the local representative of the iconic British brand of high performance sports cars in Malaysia.


Commenting on the launch of the 650S in Kuala Lumpur, George Biggs, McLaren Head of Sales and Operations Asia-Pacific, said: “We are very excited to bring the McLaren 650S to Malaysia. This car really stands out on its own as no other series- production sports car on sale today offers such a breadth of capabilities”.

Commenting further, Biggs added: “Since launching McLaren in Malaysia last year we have been impressed with the passion and enthusiasm our customers have demonstrated for the brand and our products. We are pleased to continue to showcase the McLaren brand in Malaysia by bringing our latest edition of groundbreaking supercars to the region. There is lots of potential in the market and we look forward to bringing more products to Malaysia.”

The launch of the 650S which took place at the McLaren Kuala Lumpur Show Gallery was attended by George Biggs, Head of Sales and Operations, McLaren Automotive Asia; Dato’ Lawrence Lee, Managing Director of Sime Darby Motors; Dato’ Mokhzani Mahathir, Director of Sime Darby Auto Britannia; Simon Rock, Director of Sime Darby Auto Britannia; and Syed Ahmad Muzri Syed Faiz, Head of Retail, Sime Darby Auto Britannia.


Following the McLaren design ethos of ‘form follows function’ the 650S spots a front bumper that provides a dramatic, yet clean, appearance while the integrated front splitter contributes to increased levels of down force offering a greater level off steering feeling and confidence to the driver on turn-in, while also adding to the agility and handling balance. Unique door blades behind the front wheels, on the leading edge of dihedral doors, direct air from the trailing edges of the front splitter, further benefit front-end grip and vehicle balance.


The dramatic exterior styling includes full LED headlamps derived from the McLaren P1TM provides a distinguished illumination of the road ahead, and echoes the signature McLaren ‘speed marque’ logo in the design. The bonnet is finished with a new McLaren badge that is inspired by the badge fitted to the iconic McLaren F1 whilst the rear of the 650S has been designed to optimise aerodynamics, with a 12C GT3-inspired three-piece bumper.

Rock said, “The bottom line with the 650S is performance. Beyond its stunning looks, the 650S is all about amazing performance wrapped up in the very latest in technology to bring about an unbeatable drive and driver experience.”


The 650S badge designation refers to its engine output: 650PS (641 bhp). The unique British-built McLaren M838T twin turbo V8 engine produces impressive 650PS (641 bhp) and 678 Nm of Torque, the 650S Spider can accelerate zero to 100km/h in a staggering 3.0 seconds, reach 200km/h in 8.6 seconds and with top speed of 329km/h.The engine has undergone significant changes for the McLaren 650S.

Performance is class leading for both the Coupé and Spider models: 0-100 km/h (62 mph) acceleration takes only 3.0 seconds, 0-200 km/h (124 mph) takes just 8.4 seconds for the Coupé [Spider 8.6 seconds]. Maximum speed is 333 km/h (207mph) [329 km/h (204 mph) for Spider].


The McLaren 650S is now available for bookings at McLaren Kuala Lumpur. Prices start at RM2.4 million for the 650S Coupe while the 650S Spider price starts at RM2.6 million (price quoted includes duties & taxes).

For those who are interested in registering to preview the 650S, can log on to McLaren’s website or check out the Facebook page.

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