Born Andrei Rață in 1992, Moldovan DJ/producer Andrew Rayel has got a lot going for him. He might have had an upper hand in creating electronic dance music since he’s born in generation where machines and platforms are highly accessible. Why, he has been making music since he was 13 years old! But that’s not the reason why he has gained so much popularity over the recent years.

At 22 years old, Andrew has developed a distinctive style of trance that has long since won over the hearts of dance music fans. Yes, the #trancefamily highly approves of his mix of classical sounds which combines the usage of vocals, pianos, and strings over powerful saws and synths. Though his career only officially started when he was 17, by the time he turned 21, he was ranked #28 in DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs 2013.

Let’s not forget that he was also the highest climber for that year. Man, he was going places and we all knew it.

Ruben De Ronde, Andrew Rayel, Antillas, John O’ Callaghan, MaRLo, & Dash Berlin at ASOT600 Beirut
Ruben De Ronde, Andrew Rayel, Antillas, John O’ Callaghan, MaRLo, & Dash Berlin at ASOT600 Beirut

In the same breath and the same year, Andrew announced that he was working on his first full-length album and that it would be released in 2014. Shortly after the announcement, he released his first official compilation, “Mystery of Aether”. And shortly after that, he went straight into working on a song for the A State of Trance 650 (ASOT650) Anthem contest. Oh, yes, he also went on tour with the highest of all celestial beings of trance, Armin van Buuren for “ASOT650: New Horizons”, of course.

Finally, his first full-length album, the one that he took a year (or maybe more) to work on in between his projects, titled “Find Your Harmony” was released on 30th May.

Question: What did you achieve by the time you were 22 years old? Exactly.

Source: Trancefusion

Today, he has legions of fans around the world, whom he lovingly calls his #RayelFamily. And you can bet they’ve got Andrew’s “Find Your Harmony” album on repeat by now. For starters, it features celebrity vocalists such as Christian Burns, Jonathan Mendelsohn, Alexandra Badoi, Jwaydan, Jano, and more. It also seems like our modern day Mozart has taken cues from his Armada Music seniors because “Find Your Harmony” definitely doesn’t sound like something a new-ish DJ/producer would put out.

In fact, it’s “built” like a tank because it comes packed with 18 tracks and a whole lot of heart. What you’ll pick out immediately is that all the tracks are album mixes and therefore, might sound different from its single versions. We personally love the album mix version of Andrew and Jwaydan’s “Until The End”. And yes, “Find Your Harmony” does feature the massive tune that he teamed up with Armin van Buuren to do, titled “EIFORYA”.

Source: Andrew Rayel's Twitter
Source: Andrew Rayel’s Twitter

But don’t let us gush on and on about it. Stream Andrew Rayel’s “Find Your Harmony” right here.

Go on and attack all your senses. You’ll love it:


Mark our words: Not only is he the current heir to the throne, but if Andrew keeps on this path, he will be the future Armin van Buuren. To purchase “Find Your Harmony”, hit up Beatport here or iTunes here.

Don’t forget to stalk Andrew via his social media accounts:

For more information, visit his official website.

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