In 2012, Jason Mraz released his “Love Is a Four Letter Word” album shortly before announcing his “Tour Is A Four Letter Word” tour. Frankly, after we spoke to him for this exclusive interview back then, we haven’t heard anything since.

Until now.

For his fifth studio album, Jason Mraz teamed up with his friends in the all-female folk group, Raining Jane, and decided to go acoustic. It’s these women, who Mraz says encouraged him to try a little tenderness on his new album, dubbed, “YES!”. He’s calling this his “first acoustic album” and promises that it’ll pack a pretty big punch with with eclectic instrumentation that includes cello, sitar, ukuleles and other small stringed instruments.


Jason Mraz Yes

On working with Raining Jane (whom he previously worked with for “A Beautiful Mess”) for “YES!”, he said:

I saw these girls play at a college and I was like, yes, these girls are rad. I went up and said, “Hey, do you guys ever want to come over and be my band, try out some of my demos? And they were like, yes. Last year, we wrote to my manager and said we wanted to make an album together and he said, yes. And Atlantic Records said yes. And Mike Mogis wanted to produce it and we said yes! Luckily, we haven’t said no yet – and here we are today.

Above all, the stripped-down acoustic record, recorded with Raining Jane, is what Jason Mraz said would be his “grooviest record yet.” His words, not ours! So, check out his lead single, “Love Someone off the upcoming album and decide for yourselves if this was worth the collaboration and for some of us, the excruciating two-year wait since “Love Is a Four Letter Word”:

Jason Mraz’s “YES!” is due to be released on 15th July. Click here to pre-order it and here to stream it on Spotify while you wait!

Don’t forget to stalk Jason Mraz via his social media accounts:

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