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English electronic quartet Rudimental consisting of Piers Agget, Kesi Dryden, Amir Amor (Amir Izadkhah) and DJ Locksmith (Leon Rolle) rose to prominence in 2012 when their single Feel the love featuring John Newman topped the UK Singles Chart. Feel the love also got Rudimental nominated for a BRIT Award in 2013.


The group’s debut album Home debuted number 1 in the UK albums chart and it features hit singles such as Not Giving In, Waiting All Night and Free. Rudimental will be making their way to Malaysia this March for Future Music Festival Asia and we’ve managed to catch up with Piers for a quick chat. Here’s what went down:

What is it about your music that you think people love most?

This is a very good question. We make music that comes from the heart and it’s not manufactured or put together by anyone else but us. We write the music, we arrange it, we put a lot of heart and soul into it and I guess that shows through the videos and the music so I think that’s what people love most about us – that it’s real.

What was it like knowing that Feel The Love was an international hit?

It was great. It was really inspiring. We met John Newman in a park in England and decided to make some songs together. And all of a sudden we’re touring the world and people are singing that song to us so it’s very inspiring and it opened a lot of doors for us and gave us the license to carry on making music so it was great. It was a big month for us.

Your album Home featured a lot of collaborations. Will your next album see the same?

Well we’re currently working on an album and it all depends on the vocalist and who we’re working with. We’re still going to be working with some of the artists from our first album but we’ll definitely be working with newer talents because Rudimental is all about breaking new talent.

When can we expect album two?


Album 2 will come when it’s ready! We’re in the studio working on it at the moment so hopefully by the end of this year

What are you looking forward to most at FMFA and your time in Malaysia?

We’ve never been to Malaysia so it’ll be great to come and see and experience the culture as well as eat the food. I’ve heard that it’s a beautiful place and that you guys love to party so we’re looking for a good time with the crowd at Future Music Festival Asia 2014.

What can the fans look forward to at FMFA 2014?

We’re playing a live show so we’ll have nine people on stage – a massive party really! We’re gonna play our album tracks and new tracks that’s just going to make the crowd want to dance, hopefully. We’re all about love so if there’s love in the crowd, we’ll be happy!

Thank so much Pier for taking the time to talk to me.

No worries! Thank you so much for calling and I’ll see you in March, Malaysia!

Here’s Not Giving In by Rudimental. Enjoy!

For more information on Future Music Festival Asia 2014, visit them on Facebook or on their website.

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