Ever since we first saw her starring alongside Sean Penn and Michelle Pfeiffer in “I Am Sam”, we always knew that this little one was going to make it big in Hollywood someday. Even back then, Dakota Fanning was matured and wise beyond her years!

We weren’t wrong.

Today, Dakota Fanning is Hollywood’s youngest and fastest rising star (over 30 films to date and the youngest nominee for a Screen Actors Guild Award) although she’s only a teen actress. And while “The Twilight Saga” has already wrapped up, nobody can quite forget her role as the high-ranking Volturi vampire, Jane.


Also, despite all the fame, Dakota has managed to stay perfectly “real” (read: grounded). So real, she recently opened up to “InStyle” magazine about her super close friendship with her “Twilight” co-star, Kristen Stewart.

When we’re together, we’re not talking about movie stuff. She’s just my really good friend, you know? We go out. We stay in a lot too. I’m a homebody! The scandal, well, I just think that media frenzies like that. Everyone thinks they have the right to, you know, publicize the struggles and sadness and heartbreak and all that. It’s like, “Why do you think you are the authority to judge people’s experiences?”

In a separate interview with “USA Today”, Dakota also said, “She cooks for me. She loves to cook. I go to her house. Certainly there are times it’s crazy but we’re also just friends. We go to Target to get wrapping paper. She had to do things like everyone else. She’s 100% herself 100% of the time, which is admirable and difficult to do. She’s very unapologetic of herself. She does everything to the fullest. She’s really honest.”

Yup. This BFF’s for keeps, that’s for sure.  The BFFs also star alongside each other in the glam-rock Joan Jett biopic, “The Runaways”.


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