Whoa, wait. What’s happening here, RiRi? Didn’t we just (sorta) see you with Matt Kemp less than a week ago? Because suddenly you’re all love-bird-y with someone else! Yeah, peeps, that someone else is none other than Chris Brown.

On 17th January, Rihanna and former flame Chris Brown disappear into a studio together to work on music together. Word has it that they’re recording their new song – their fourth collaboration. And that’s fine, if they’re able to put aside all the hatred and ill feelings they must’ve once had towards each other (read: abusive relationship) to stay professional. Work is work, after all.

But it seems that they did more than just “make music”.


The duo were seeing partyin’ it up at Emerson night club in Hollywood the following night. Plus, it was said that after the party, they both headed back to Chris’ place (albeit separately) and conveniently, RiRi decided to crash there for the night. What, you don’t believe us?

Then you best believe what she posted up via Instagram. Behold, the pictures that were allegedly taken at Chris Brown’s home:

How subtle. So, what’s happening, yo?


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