Well, that was quick! It seemed like it was just yesterday that we got word about Harry Styles and Taylor Swift going out. And now they’ve suddenly decided to go, uh, different directions (pun totally intended)? After only two months of dating?

Okay. Rewind. We heard that the 23-year-old country darling and 18-year-old One Direction heartthrob just celebrated New Year’s Eve together complete with a New Year’s Eve Kiss and then flying off to the sunny Carribbean. If you’re a fan of either, we’re sure you heard the same thing too.


And now you’re wondering, “Wait a minute, at which point did it all go down the drain?”

Apparently, it went down on 5th January 2013 (Friday) when Taylor Swift publicly “expressed” herself. And  by “express”, we mean that she did the “Taylor Swift thing” and tweeted lyrics off her latest single, “I Knew You Were Trouble”:

Uh, at that time the song was written, it was probably not about Harry Styles. But Taylor has always had a track record for writing “post-breakup songs” so we guess, some congratulations is on order for Harry now that he has one sorta in his name? Yes?

Because, Harry, you gotta admit that a “breakup anthem” ala Taylor Swift style is heaps better than her openly talking about you on Ellen DeGeneres like she did after Joe Jonas reportedly dumped her over a 27-second phone call. True story!:

[youtube id=”amh859mNeKI” width=”600″ height=”350″]


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