The “Samsung GALAXY The 27th Golden Disk Awards in Kuala Lumpur” (GDA) is happening in about a week. Excitement’s brewing and we know a lot of you have got a lot of questions. So, we’ve compiled some of the frequently asked questions (FAQ) just for you guys!

Here goes:

Why are the confirmed #GDA artistes’ attendances still subject to change?


The confirmation is as correct as per time of update. However, due to the packed schedule of the artistes, there may be a small margin for changes in their itinerary.”


What’s the official accommodation for #GDA artistes?

“For security reasons, we’re not authorized to disclose that information.”


Fan meetings or meet and greet with #GDA artistes?

‘None as far as we know.”



Will there be a press conference for the #GDA artistes?

“Yes but it’s strictly for press and media with approved applications only.”


Any rehearsal/soundcheck/backstage passes to giveaway?

“Sorry, we will not have access to any but we’re giving away tickets though. Contest ends 9th January 2013 (Wednesday).”


Is there a red carpet event for #GDA artistes? What time does it start?

“Yes, there will be a red carpet event before the respective #GDA nights, in the evenings. It starts at around 5pm.”


Where is the #GDA red carpet event?

“The red carpet is, of course, inside the venue. You’d need a #GDA Samsung GALAXY Zone ticket (RM999) to attend/see it.”


Will all the confirmed #GDA artistes be performing?

“Yes and there will be collaborations on stage between the artistes as well.”


Some of the nominees aren’t coming for #GDA? Why?

“Not all nominated artistes can attend because of many reasons, some of which are prior commitments which may or may not be stated in their respective schedules.”


Will there be a live broadcast/stream for #GDA?

“No. Sorry.”


What is the line up like for #GDA? Which artistes will be performing?

“All attendees will definitely be performing not just one but a few songs and some exciting collaborations. So it’s just like having your own concert by your favourite artistes! Performance list in no particular order as follows!”


Will all the confirmed #GDA artistes be staying for both days?

“The organizers are unable to disclose this information but definitely not all can stay for both days. As always, their itinerary may be subject to changes when they are down here.”


How many more #GDA tickets are there?

“We hear that the Rockpit tickets have already sold out and the other tickets are running out really fast so get yours quick from TicketPro/TicketPro outlets.”


Who are the award presenters for #GDA?

“There will be no presenters for the awards except for the Samsung GALAXY award and the Malaysia’s Popularity Choice award.”


Are cameras allowed into #GDA?

“As of now, only DSLR cameras, video cameras, and tripods/monopods aren’t allowed.”


Are fan signs/banners allowed? Will there be any size restrictions?

“Hand-held banners are allowed but not anything that needs to be propped up on stands or hung/affixed to any structure on the premises.”


Where exactly in Sepang International Circuit will #GDA be held?

“Just head towards the Sepang International Circuit and there will be ample signage to lead you to the exact location when you reach.”


Will there be a bus shuttle service to Sepang International Circuit?

“According to the committee, they’ve just worked out some bus routes and schedules. Further information can be found here.”


We hope it helps clear things up a bit and we’ll see all y’all there on the 15th and 16th January 2013 (Tuesday and Wednesday).

To purchase tickets, hit up TicketPro or any of their participating outlets right now! Tickets to the event are available in three tiers, priced at RM999 (Samsung GALAXY Zone), RM688 (Rockpit), and RM199 (Hallyu Zone). We hear that tickets are going to go fast so hurry!

For more information on the “Samsung GALAXY The 27th Golden Disk Awards in Kuala Lumpur”, hit up this link. Alternatively, you could also hit up their Facebook page or their official website.

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