Here’s one band that we’re glad have gotten more airplay over the past two years. Since their startup in Australia, we’ve been waiting for the day Australian indie pop band The Temper Trap’s music sees the light of day. And then came the release of their self-titled album in May 2012. We knew we had to have it – we were big fans of “Sweet Disposition”, after all.

To be honest, we heard “Need Your Love” way ahead of the album release when we could stream it online. As the first single off “The Temper Trap”, we feel that there couldn’t have been an introduction better than “Need Your Love”. In itself, we love how the sound of “clap clap, clap clap clap” carries itself into the beat of the music. And as the song progresses, the faint synths blend into the band’s instruments, gearing itself for a big finish.

We love everything about it! We could go on and on:


[youtube id=”k44FXkCPtik” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Props to the production team who made the music video too. Very..what’s the right word for this? Ambitious? We think so. Minus the vomiting at the end, of course.

London’s Burning” could easily be one of The Temper Trap’s best songs to date and lucky for us, it’s included in this album. The song starts with recordings from news reports and recordings from the London riots. Clearly, it was written with the riots in mind and was positioned to be one of their more expressive/emotional songs. Except, it kinda peaked with a distinct hint of angst:

Ideology isn’t nothing on the streets,

No one cared and no one looked,

Til she threw the judge’s book.

Now who’s the one to blame when the children go insane?

Dancing on their broken dreams,


While London’s burning from within.

But we don’t dislike it. As a matter of fact, we fell in love with “The Clash”-like style of the song somewhere between the start and the furore. Listen:

[youtube id=”FQezCMQv-GY” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Before we go, go, there’s one other song off the album that we feel you must check out.

Miracle” definitely stood out amongst most of the “The Temper Trap” songs. The use of instruments is very subdued in this one – like it would be in any love song. With lyrics like, “And I may not always believe but you’re nothing short of a miracle. Clever minds will second guess, but to me, you’re a living miracle” coupled with Dougy Mandagi’s falsetto vocals, “Miracle” was a sure win for us right from the very beginning. Even if it’s not a love song, even it was meant for father-to-child:

[youtube id=”CiUrhRtpLrc” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Truthfully, real fans of The Temper Trap would pick up a copy of “The Temper Trap” in half a heartbeat. And for those of you who aren’t fans as of yet, what’s taking you so long? The album now available at a music store near you.

Alternatively, you could also purchase it off iTunes here.

For more information, visit the band’s official website.

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