16 girls from 12 countries over Asia battle it out to be Asia’s Next Top Model!

AsNTM S2 horizontal montage - contestants only (photo credit to Star World)

If you watched the first season of Asia’s Next Top Model or if you’re a vivid follower of any model reality series then this would be your thing! Glitz, glamour and of course drama, FOX International Channels (FIC) Asia premiers the second season of the catty and yet glamorous model reality series, Asia’s Next Top Model (AsNTM S2) on Star World Asia.


Featuring 16 models from 12 different countries across Asia like Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. The ladies will not only be competing against each other, they will also be facing challenges, both physically and mentally. From photo shoots, to fitness to runway, these gorgeous ladies will compete with their beauty, brains and brawns.

The show is will once again be hosted by veteran model Nadya Hutagalung, who is also the head judge of the competition. She will be joined by Joey Mead King who is playing the role of a judge and model mentor, Mike Rosenthal, a judge and resident photographer and Adam Williams, judge and movement coach.

Throughout the series, these four judges will also be joined by a star-studded cast of elites from the fashion and entertainment world including high fashion shoe designer Dato’ Jimmy Choo, international singer CoCo Lee, beauty guru Rob Scheppy, pop music powerhouse, Icona Pop and Australia’s premier couturier Alex Perry.

The Judges of Asia’s Next Top Model Season 2

Hype.My had a quick chat with head judge and host Nadya Hutagulung to get her two cents.

What is the craziest thing viewers can expect from Season 2?

Us! Haha no I’m just kidding. The girls, they’re fantastic and it’s amazing to see how they’ve evolved throughout the season. I think this season is especially great because it’s an original FOX production and we have got such an amazing team that has worked with the girl and the producers. The girls have bonded but there were definitely moments of chaos and tension, not just with the girls but also with us judges so expect a lot of drama but a lot of fun!

What’s the main difference between Season 1 and Season 2?


I can’t say that there is one main difference but overall we’ve just boosted the show in so many ways. I personally feel it’s so much more glamorous, there’s a lot more depth from all side. There’s tension and tension brings interesting television. The real difference for me personally is that I got the chance to be closer to the girls and that brings a lot more emotion with it. It’s all very real.

What do you think is the main message of the show?

The main for the show would be that you can be anyone. You can be fabulous, strong and determined but the most important thing is you have to be committed, 100% committed and you have to always give your best because it’s those girls that fly. You can be anyone you want and have anything you want.

Thanks so much Nadya!

Asia’s Next Top Model Season 2 will premier on January 8th, 2013 (Wednesday) at 9.40PM on Star World.

Here’s are the models competing in Asia’s Next Top Model Season 2

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