James Franco and pal Seth Rogen takes over Kimye’s Bound 2 music video!

This hilarious parody clip sees the Pineapple Express co-stars mock Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s sexy Bound 2 video and yes that includes the topless motorcycle scenes and everything else. The video which starts off with a special message to fans that read, “While on the set of their movie, The Interview, James Franco & Seth Rogen felt inspired to recreate their favourite new video. Shot. For. Shot.”

The parody starts with landscape shots of snowy mountains and grassy fields, followed by those wild horses running through water. James takes on Kanye’s role then begins busting out the song’s rap lyrics before he rides through the desert on that motorcycle that is now very, very popular. A silhouette of Seth can be lying seductively on the bike in other shots — clearly mocking Kim.


If you thought that was funny, there’s more! The clip goes on to see the This Is The End co-stars parody the Bound 2 video, shot-for-short, complete with Seth’s topless close-up beauty shots and him lying in front of James on the bike while pretending to toss his hair in the wind. There’s also a kiss between the two of them!

After the shoot of the parody, James posted a picture of them making out in the bike on his Instagram with the caption #bound3 – I LOvE SETh.

Watch the hilarious parody clip here:

Watch the original Bound 2 video by Kanye West and Kim Kardashian here. Keep an eye out for how similar they both are and have a ball of a time.



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