PUMA celebrates the 45th Anniversary of its most iconic silhouettes this year: the PUMA Suede by introducing its limited edition Suede Sapphire. Designed and named after its anniversary precious stone and debut colorway, the Suede Sapphire was released on November 8th, 2013 with only 9 exclusive pairs available in Malaysia out of the 450 pairs available globally.


The PUMA Suede was first released in 1968 and still stands as the brand’s freshest pair of kicks to date. Athletic legends such as track hero Tommie Smith and basketball’s Walt ‘Clyde’ Frazier wore the PUMA Suede kicks. The shoes rose to a whole new level of fame in the early days of hip hop, B-boys and funk beats in the 70s.


In honouring the legacy of the PUMA Suede kicks, the Suede Sapphire was carefully designed and crafted at PUMA’s Japanese factory and it’s made of customised brushed suede leather and marked with a Sapphire emblem on the heel counter. Each of the 450 custom designed pairs comes complete with a “Made in Japan” leather badge on the back side of the tongue and in sleekly designed blue leather shoe case.

Two of the nine pairs available in Malaysia has already been snagged by Dennis Yin from Elecoldxhot and Jinnyboy TV’s and Chinese celebrity Adrian Tan.

Dennis Yin posted a photo of his Suede Sapphire kicks on his Instagram account.

Grab yours before they run out! The Suede Sapphire is available at retail price of RM 859.90.

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