Scottish-Britpop alternative  rock band Travis was first formed in Glasgow in 1990. Comprising of Fran Healy, Dougie Payne, Andy Dunlop and Neil Primrose, the band’s seventh and latest album Where You Stand displays real depth and maturity from the band.


Where You Stand will not only please current fans but will also easily win over new ones with its gentle melodies going along with Fran Healy’s seductive and delicate vocals. Moving to a slightly more indie sound that before, Travis proves that they are producing some of the best and finest music of their career to date.


Marking wisdom with the weight of their experiences, the previous album by Travis, Ode To J. Smith was released back in 2008. By far the longest between record break that the band has taken, Where You Stand shows that the break was much needed. Making a come back with eleven tracks on their seventh album, Travis breathes fresh air with the sounds and lyrics on the album.


Peaceful and calming, the sounds of Where You Stand mirrors a band that has successfully withstand their share of ups and downs throughout their journey. With Mechanical Bull, Travis proves to only be moving forward by making sweet sounds for the world to listen to. Hype.My loves the album Where You Stand and tracks to listen out for are Mother, Reminder, Different Road and Another Guy.

Check out Mother, a track from the album Where You Stand by Travis:

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