What to wear? Who to dress up as? If you’ve not made up your mind on who you’d like to be this Halloween, here are some ideas that Hype Malaysia has shortlisted for you. The inspiration behind this idea is of course, none other than our favourite celebrities!

Miley Cyrus.



It was with no doubt that this look would make our list – a two-piece bikini, a foam finger and two rubber bands is all you will need to be nailing Miley’s infamous VMA look.

Lady Gaga

PicMonkey Collage

Everybody wants to be Mother Monster and with her various looks and styles everyone can. Be it her floral helmet, her meat dress or her moss dress, you’ve got plenty options. Which is your inner Gaga?



Ballin’ on a budget? Simple! Thrift shop it all the way and if that doesn’t work, hand-me-downs from your granddad will keep you ballin’!

Nicki Minaj



If Barbie is your thing then Nicki Minaj is the way to go this Halloween! All you will need are platform heels, neon leggings, hot pink lips and a platinum blond wig.



Be it the horse dance or a gentleman, Psy is your perfect get up this Halloween for let’s face it, he’s a phenomenon. Gangnam style your way through this Halloween with a bow-tie and a pair of dancing shoes.

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