Irish singer-songwriter Sinead O’Connor rose to fame in the late 1980s with her debut album The Lion and the Cobra. Most known for her cover of Prince’s song Nothing Compares 2 U, she is no stranger to controversy.

Recently, the 46-year-old singer gave twerk-queen Miley Cyrus a little advice in an open letter where she addresses Miley’s recent Rolling Stone cover story, in which she shared that Sinead was her inspiration to the opening scene of her video Wrecking Ball.

Photo via Entertainment Weekly
Photo via Entertainment Weekly

Sinead advices Miley to put her clothes back on and tells Miley to not let the music business make a prostitute out of her in the letter. Some of the words that stood out in the letter were: “The music business doesn’t give a sh** about you, or any of us”.


Read the full letter here: Sinead O’Connor’s Open Letter To Miley Cyrus


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