Not too long back, Malaysian model and actor Shahz Jaszle made headlines and was the talk of the town after news of his arrest for being intimate with a girl name Farah became public. The controversy led to his fiancé, Redzwani Puteri to call off their engagement due to the wishes of her family. However, despite her family’s opposition, their love for each other remained strong and they were willing to elope if Redzwani’s family continued to disapprove of their relationship.

Latest reports however showed that Redzwani’s family has accepted Shahz back into their lives and now trust him with their daughter. The actor released a statement saying that he understood the family’s situation and their concern on being him a qualified husband for Redzwani after the whole controversy but is thankful that they have taken him back. The actor further stated that he is actively raising money for their wedding.



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