Nick Carter talked about his struggle with addiction, family woes, and his sister’s untimely death in an interview with Dr. Phill.

The Backstreet Boy’s sister, Leslie Carter, who was found unresponsive by her stepmother passed away on  January 31, 2012. Reports revealed that she passed away due to an overdose of a prescription drug and that three other types of drugs were discovered near her body. The drugs included Olanzapine, Cyclobenzaprine and Xanax.

Candid of Leslie Carter smiling
Candid of Leslie Carter smiling

Nick admitted to Dr. Phill that he did not go for Leslie’s funeral because of the accusations against him by his family for his sister’s death. He further admitted that he too battled prescription drugs among other things and that he initially started smoking before moving on to taking Vicodin and Ecstasy when he was fifteen years old.


Nick decide to seek help and get better in 2008 when he was diagnosed with a heart condition. The singer also told Dr. Phill that three out of five of his siblings including his brother Aaron struggles with addiction problems and while he does not take full responsibility for Leslie’s death and does not think it is fair for his family to blame him, he feels partially responsible for his sister’s downfall.

Nick, Aaron and Leslie Carter - three out of the five siblings who struggled with addiction
Nick, Aaron and Leslie Carter – three out of the five siblings who struggled with addiction

Facing the Music and Living to Talk About It, Nick’s book that was released recently shares details of his battle with addiction, the dysfunctional relationship with his family and the ways he is working on to improve himself. The book was also dedicated to Leslie because after the her death and him taking his brother to rehab so he could confront his own addiction struggles has left a mark on his life.


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